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Marvel Premiere #15 CBCS 8.5 VF+ Front

Marvel Premiere #15 CBCS 8.5 VF+


Available for sale is Marvel Premiere #15 featuring the first appearance of Iron Fist graded by CBCS in 8.5 VF+ condition! This highly collectible comic is a must have key issue for any serious collector of comic books. Add it to your collection today!

Key Facts:
  • Origin & 1st Appearance Iron Fist

  • 1st Appearance of Harold Meachum

  • White Pages

  • Consignment Item

G.I. Joe #1 CBCS 7.5 Signed by Larry Hama FrontOut Of Stock

G.I. Joe #1 CBCS 7.5 Signed By Larry Hama


Available for sale is G.I. Joe, A Real American Hero #1 CBCS 7.5 signed by Larry Hama. This graded comic is perfect for any collector of comic books or G.I. Joe themed memorabilia.

This comic recent sold via eBay auction for $90. Click here to find others like it!

Key Facts:
  • Signed by Larry Hama

  • First Appearance of Snakey Eyes

  • Based on Hasbro Toy Line

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Spider-Woman #20 CBCS 9.8 FrontOut Of Stock

Spider-Woman #20 CBCS 9.8 NM/M

$174.99 $149.99

Available for sale is Spider-Woman #20 graded by CBCS in 9.8 NM/M condition. This issue features the first in continuity meeting of Spider-Man and Spider-Woman. It also retells Spider-Woman’s origin via flashback. You won’t find too many copies of this comic available for sale in high grade, so grab this one today while you can!

Key Facts:
  • 1st Spider-Man & Spider-Woman Meeting

  • Origin of Spider-Woman Retold

  • White Pages

  • Free USPS Priority Shipping