Introducing the Private Collection at the Certified Comic Shop — a veritable vault of Key Issues, Signature Series Slabs, Rare Variants, and Grails that are available to purchase with a white glove experience that you can only get at the Certified Comic Shop.


The Private Collection is currently undergoing a reorganization and re-verification process to ensure that all books listed are currently available for purchase. Please check back again soon for the updated list. Thank you!


Q. So…what exactly is The Private Collection?

A. The Private Collection is a collection of high-end comics held by multiple private collectors who have exclusively chosen the Certified Comic Shop as their preferred sales outlet.


Q. That sounds like consignment sales, right?

A. Yes…and no. Unlike my traditional comic book consignment service where comic book owners ship their comics to the shop in order to sell on my website, comics in The Private Collection remain with their owner until a deal is made for one of their comics.


Q. Ok, so you’re acting more like a broker then?

A. Essentially. I’m working to fulfill my mission of helping comic book collectors collect the comics they love by letting people know what’s available to buy that you might not otherwise find somewhere else.


Q. Why aren’t there any prices listed in the table above?

A. The comic book market is known to constantly fluctuate, especially on higher end key issues. Prices between potential buyers and sellers are negotiated in real-time. That said, sales prices will almost always fall within current Fair Market Values based on recent sales data obtained from sites like


Q. How long are quoted prices good for?

A. All prices quoted are good for 72 Hours from the time they are sent to you. If you decide not to purchase and then re-inquire after the 72 hour window has expired, I will reevaluate the market and provide an updated price quote for you.


Q. I see a comic listed that I’m interested in. What do?

A. If there’s a comic or multiple comics you see listed that you’d like more info on or to purchase, simply fill out the form on the bottom of this page to get started.


Q. What happens after we verbally agree to a deal?

A. Once a deal for the comic you’re interested in is in place, the owner of that comic will ship it to the Certified Comic Shop. After it’s been received, the comic will be inspected to ensure it’s not damaged or defective. You’ll then be notified that the comic has arrived and is available for purchase.


Q. Can I get proof that you have the comic in your possession before I purchase it?

A. Yes, I highly encourage all customers of the Private Collection to join me on a Zoom or Google Hangout to see the comic in my possession for yourself prior to purchase. At the very least, a date and time-stamped picture will be sent to you to confirm that your comic of interest is real.


Q. How do I complete the purchase?

A. After you’ve seen the comic and have agreed to move forward, I will create a private product listing for that comic here on the website where you’ll be able to add it to your cart, check out and complete the transaction.


Q. What about shipping?

A. The cost of shipping is not included in the negotiated price of the comic. It will be added to the sales price of the private product listing that gets created for you. Shipping cost will vary on number of graded comics being shipped, total insured value, and the total distance from the shop to you. All shipping will be via USPS Priority Mail unless you specifically request a different carrier.


Q. Can I get some references?

A. If talking to other comic book collectors who have purchased via the Certified Comic Shop Private Collection would make you feel more confident about your decision, just let me know and I’ll connect you with some of my happy customers.


Q. Awesome, I have some high end key comic books that I’d like to sell. How can I make them available to buy though the Private Collection?

A. If you have graded comics that you’d like to make available to purchase in the Certified Comic Shop Private Collection, send me an email and I’ll fill you in on all the details involved.


Q. I have a question that you didn’t answer here. Can I ask you directly?

A. Of course! Just reach out to me via text message or email and I will get the A’s to your Q’s


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