Master of Kung-Fu (2015) #1 CGC 9.6 NM+


Available for sale is Master of Kung-Fu (2105) #1 graded by CGC in 9.6 NM+ condition. This alternate reality comic features the first appearance of the Mandarin as Zheng Zu, Emperor of the 10 Rings Citadel and the father of Shang-Chi. There are also elements of the upcoming Shang-Chi movie that are introduced in this issue, such as the 10 Rings being an organization, which has let to increased demand for this comic. Add it to your collection today!

Key Facts:
  • 1st Appearance of the Mandarin as Zheng Zu

  • Battleworld Tie-In

  • Newly Slabbed

  • Consignment Item

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Kick-butt Kung-Fu action! Welcome to the mystical land of K’un Lun, where the study of martial arts reigns supreme! In a world where everyone is well-trained in at least some form of deadly combat, what becomes of a drunken, drop-out failure? If anyone speaks out against Emperor Zu, the price is their head! Good thing Shang-Chi’s a man of discretion and…oh, who are we kidding. This is going to get nasty.

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions12 × 8 × .5 in


Certification Number


Numeric Grade


Alpha Grade


Page Quality




Main Character


Publish Date

July 2015

Comic Age


Cover Artist

Francesco Francavilla


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