Amazing Spider-Man #361 CGC 9.2


This is a must-own key issue for any comic book collector. Amazing Spider-Man #361 CGC 9.2 featuring the first appearance of Carnage. With Sony Pictures getting ready to release a Venom movie, you can expect demand to steadily rise (and thus the prices) for related comic book issues like this one.

Key Facts:
  • 1st Full Carnage

  • First Printing

  • Newly Slabbed

  • SOLD!

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Carnage invades Empire State University and kills a classmate of Peter’s, chip. Peter gets the news at his Aunt May’s and goes to investigate, hearing a report of a savage monster like several other witnessed killings around New York recently. Peter then meets up with Mary Jane and tells her about the situation. He recants when he first got the alien costume and Venom’s creation, and how he tricked Venom into thinking he succeeded in killing Peter, leaving them on a deserted island contented to remain there. Peter tells MJ he worries that Venom may not have stayed on the island like he thought, based on the witness accounts. [more on]



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Additional information



Certification Number



9.2 NM-



Main Character

Carnage, Spider-Man

Publish Date

April 1992

Comic Age


Cover Price


Cover Artist

Mark Bagley, Randy Emberlin


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