While my online comic shop lists all of the graded comics I have for sale right now, many collectors message me to ask what comics I currently have being graded at CGC. In an effort to keep you in the loop of what comics will be available for sale soon, I created the CGC Comic Status Tracker that lists all the comics I have at CGC for grading.



Last updated November 17, 2020 

TitleIssueKey CommentsStatusGrade
Strange Tales#125Human Torch & The Thing vs. Sub-MarinerScheduled For Grading
Strange Tales#134Last Human Torch Story in TitleScheduled For Grading
Uncanny X-Men#2661st Appearance of GambitScheduled For Grading
Captain Marvel#12nd Appearance of Carol DanversScheduled For Grading
Fantastic Four Annual#2Origin of Dr. DoomScheduled For Grading
Amazing Spider-Man#2381st Appearance of the HobgoblinEn Route
Amazing Spider-Man#2521st Appearance of Spider-Man’s Black CostumeEn Route
Amazing Spider-Man#3611st Full Appearance of CarnageEn Route
Amazing Spider-Man Annual#161st Appearance of Monica Rambeau as Captain MarvelEn Route
Avengers#1961st Full Appearance of TaskmasterEn Route
Avengers Annual#101st Appearance of RogueEn Route
Incredible Hulk#2711st Appearance of Rocket RacoonEn Route
Incredible Hulk#4491st Appearance of the ThunderboltsEn Route
Marvel Team-Up#1412nd Appearance of Spider-Man’s Black CostumeEn Route
Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars#8Origin of Black Symbiote Costume that Becomes VenomEn Route
She-Hulk#11st Appearance & Origin of She-HulkEn Route
Thor#3371st Appearance of Beta Ray BillEn Route


En Route to CGC: As my comics are making their way via the postal service to CGC HQ in Sarasota, FL, they’ll be marked with the En Route status.

Verified: Once CGC receives the comics, they will be checked into their computer system and given the verified status.

Scheduled For Grading: Once verified, submissions are then arranged by service and received date so that they can be graded on a “first in-first out” basis.

Grading / QC: The comics have been authenticated, graded and encapsulated – hooray! From there, the slabs are re-examined to verify that the grade and accompanying description is correct.

Shipped: The graded comics have been packed up by CGC and are making their way back to the Certified Comic Shop. In a matter of days, these comics will be available for sale on this very website.

Grade: Once the comics enter the shipped status, we’ll cross our fingers and take a look at how CGC graded these comic books.