Welcome to the Certified Comic Shop

Well hello there intrepid visitor, my name is Jason Stum and I am the founder/owner of the Certified Comic Shop.

In 2017 I started chasing my dream of owning a comic shop. Some might call that a mid-life crisis, but I like to call it my last real chance to create something out of nothing (ok, so maybe it is a mid-life crisis…tomato, potato)! In addition to selling graded comics from CGC, CBCS & PGX right here on my website, I also publish blog, video and podcast content geared towards fellow comic-preneurs and comic collectors.

I’m honored that you wanted to learn a little bit more about me and my shop. So who am I and what do I do? As I’m fond of saying, I have three full-time jobs that keep me more than busy.

  • First and foremost, I am a proud husband and father of four amazing children.
  • During the day, I am the Director of Marketing Strategy at a Chicago area Marketing Agency.
  • On the nights, weekends and early mornings, I tend to all things Certified Comic Shop.

My goal is to eventually move the shop out of my home-office and to open up a legit brick and mortar local comic shop. For now though, I’m content to help comic book collectors collect the comics they love via my online comic shop, and create related content to keep you entertained, educated and engaged along the way.



Publishing blogs, pods and vids on a regular basis isn’t easy but I do my best to deliver fresh content on the regular. Here are some of my most popular pieces of content:

Everything You Need To Know About Submitting Comics to CGC [BLOG]

Is CGC Worth It? [BLOG]

Cracking a PGX Slab and Submitting to CGC [VIDEO]

Certified Comic Talk Episode 2: Comic Tom Unleashed [PODCAST]



In addition to selling graded comics and publishing comic related content, I also offer services designed to help people sell their own graded comics, including:

Sell Your Comics on Consignment: Get back your valuable time and let me market and sell your graded comics right here on the Certified Comic Shop.

Should I Grade It?: Interested in having some comics graded, but not sure if it makes financial sense? I can provide you with detailed market reports for your comics that will help you decide if they’re worth having graded or not.

CGC Submission Facilitation: If you’ve never sent comics to CGC for grading and are feeling overwhelmed by the process – then let me help! I’ll facilitate getting your submission order set up with CGC. Once the order is set up, you send your comics directly to CGC for grading, and they’ll send them back to you. Easy as that!

My Mission Is...
To help comic book collectors collect the comics they love.
Why Shop With Me
  1. Free USPS Priority Shipping*

  2. Bulletproof Packaging.

  3. Packages Shipped Daily.

  4. Market Based Pricing.

  5. Always On Customer Service.

*Free shipping in the U.S. is included on all in stock, non-consignment graded comics.

New to the Shop!
In The News

This website is built upon open source WordPress/WooCommerce ecosystem. WooCommerce was nice enough to showcase the Certified Comic Shop as a shining example of what having your own e-commerce platform can do to grow your business.

I recently had the pleasure to participate in an interview with Ryan Kirksey from GoCollect, where you can learn more about me, my shop, and my origin story in general. Ryan is a great writer, so I highly recommend you check it out on the GoCollect Blog.

Let's Connect!

One my favorite parts of this little comic book adventure is meeting and talking comics with people just like YOU!

I’m most active on Instagram, and you can occasionally find me lurking on Twitter — feel free to shoot me a DM and say HI! The shop also has a Facebook Page, and you’re more than welcome to like it, just note I don’t post much there because their algorithm is my archenemy.

If you’d prefer to consume my audio and video content, you can subscribe to my YouTube Channel and Certified Comic Talk Podcast.